NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE                                                                                          NATUROPATHIC PRINCIPLES

Naturopathic medicine is defined as the science, art, and practice of healing by natural therapeutics. The philosophy and application of our principles are what makes Naturopathic medicine a distinct profession. They are the foundation upon which Naturopathic medicine is built and upon which it flourishes.

Naturopathic physicians are trained as primary care providers who diagnose, manage and treat acute and chronic disease. Naturopathic medicine combines the technology of modern science with the wisdom of natural therapies.

1. The Healing Power of Nature

Trust in the body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself.

2. Identify and Treat the Causes

Look beyond the symptoms to the underlying causes.

3. First Do No Harm

Utilize the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies.

4. Treat the Whole Person

View the body as an integrated whole.

5. The Physician as Teacher

Educate patients in the steps to achieving and maintaining health.

6. Prevention

Focus on overall health, wellness and disease prevention.